5 DIY Book Promotion Tools You Need to Know

There are several DIY book promotion tools that you may need to know in order to succeed in your endeavour. Firstly, starting early is one of the most important strategies in terms of promoting your DIY book. Networking earlier is a source of success for any promotional activity and this is not any exception in terms of DIY book promotion. Years before your are planning to publish the book, you need to start building a network of supporters and reviewers. Always keep a watch and be in touch with those ones who are enthusiastic about your project. Secondly, you must start to contribute to blogs. In every sector there is at least a forum that people who are interested in your subject would definitely know and read. You must find and join such forum/s. You must not only know about them but must also contribute to them freely. Provide advice and reach out so as to offer help to others. Remember that, if you have a book title, add the title to your signature line on the forum. Thirdly, as a strong tool to promote DIY book and as a strategy to do the same you must start a blog of your own. In the course of researching and thinking about your you must start a blog.

You must keep posting on your blog and your postings must be helpful and inspirational and related to the field of your interest and to the subjects of your book. The author willing to promote the DIY book must eye at creating a genuinely useful body of knowledge over the following few months before the publication of the book. Fourthly, you have to genuinely write a remarkable book. Keep working laboriously until your book becomes a remarkable one. Distribute the manuscripts to close friends and admirer to receive genuine feedback. Moreover, it would be great for you to find a brilliant editor and pay him/her for editing your manuscript. Finally, you should strive for establishing a website of your own. As publication date approaches, you must build your full website. And the website should include a book blog infused with your updates, responses, reviews and feedbacks. It must also include some sample chapters from your book.

A link to the Amazon page for your book would be an additional benefit. Book reviews and blurbs must be depicted in your website and you must update the audience about your schedule of appearances that would include your visits to bookstores, and your speaking engagements and conferences. Do not forget to mention your contact details properly on your website.

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