7 Tips To Help Promote Your First Self-Published Book

There are certain strategies that must be applied by an author who is striving for promoting his/her first self-published book. The first strategy that must be applied and implemented by the author is to plan the launching of the book around his/her goals and objectives. An author is obvious to set some goals and objectives related to the launching of his/her book and to promote such goals and objectives the author has to fit them around the promotional efforts. For an example, if an author is striving for making the book a New York Time bestseller then he/she must sell at least thousands of copies of the book from vendors who report their sales to the New York Times. The second strategy that the author might implement is to offer a bonus to people pre-order the book and this is because; pre-orders count towards the first week of sales. Thirdly, the author has to build relationships before he/she needs them. The author has to start working on his/her book launch at least few months in advance and this must be done to build relationships. The author has to support the influencers to gain his/her own platform, like a blog.

You have to interview the influencers and provide them exposure through your blogs or podcast. And then, when the time is ripe, you have to send some copies of your book to the influencers. If the influencers like the book, there are chances that they would promote it as well. Fourthly, the author has to engage his/her audience in the right manner. Throughout the development of the book the author has to get the audience involved. He/she has to hint that he/she is up to something. The author should ask for the audience’s inputs on the cover design and he/she must also want to keep building his/her audience through blog tours, interviews, media exposures, etc. Fifthly, the author must not copy the strategies of other authors blindly because such may put the author in deep trouble in the long-run. Sixthly, the author must try to get more and more reviews. The more the reviews, the greater the chances of success of the launching of the book. The author must put great effort to get the reviews and he/she must ask the readers to post a review within the book itself and to his/her email list. Finally, the author must remember that the launching of the book is not the ultimate goal or the end of the objective; rather, the author can consider it to be the beginning of a larger process of publicity and marketing. This would build the authority of the author and would create more revenue for him/her.

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